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Keto on a Budget: 3 Ways to Save Money and Eat Healthy

Posted by Protein Pete on

Carbs are cheap, which is one reason why they’re so hard to give up. But you can still go keto without breaking your budget with these 3 ways to save money.


Eating keto on a budget might sound as impossible as finding a talking unicorn, but it’s actually easier than you might think.


People think keto is expensive because you’re no longer filling your diet with cheap carbs like rice, pasta, bread, cookies, and cakes. Instead, you’re replacing these things with high-quality proteins and more vegetables. And since these things do cost a little more, your grocery bill will likely go up.


But the difference doesn’t have to be as expensive as others make it out to be, especially when you put these three money-saving hacks to good use:

#1 - Eat More Lean Meats

Protein will be one of the biggest increases in your weekly grocery spend, but you don’t have to eat steak every day to go keto. Lean meats like chicken or turkey usually cost less per serving, so try to eat more of these to stretch your budget.

#2 - Buy Smoked Meats in Bulk

It’s no secret that buying food in bulk is one of the smartest ways to save money. But not many people realize they can use this concept with meat, particularly smoked meat.


Buying lean smoked meats in bulk can help you cut down on cost per serving, plus it takes out much of the guesswork about what’s for dinner. Smoked meats are already cooked and cured, so all you have to do it heat and eat.


Smoked chicken wings and smoked turkey legs are super simple to prepare, plus they last a long time in your freezer so you’re not constantly running to the grocery store for fresh meat.

#3 - Keep Your Meals Simple

Spend any amount of time on Google or Pinterest and you’ll likely see  tons of fancy, complicated keto-friendly recipes that look like it took someone an hour or more in the kitchen to make.


But truthfully, you don’t need to go to nearly as much trouble as some people do when eating keto. Skip the overpriced meats and dozens of ingredients and stick to simple, basic keto-approved foods. Not only will you save time and hassle in prepping your meals, but you’ll also save money by not spending as much per serving.


This is much easier to do if you plan your meals ahead of time. And if you do find a great recipe online, review it carefully to see what you can cut out, if anything.

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  • Ordered smoked sausages. Have to say this is the best tasting smoked sausage Ive ever had. Great product, Great service, I’m a happy sausage eater.

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